Commodore 8010 IEEE-488 Acoustic Modem ?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 13:55:39 2004

On Tue, Oct 19, 2004 at 04:55:45PM -0400, Dave Dunfield wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I was recently given a Commmodore MODEM Model 8010 - this is
> a Bell 103 (300 bps) acoustic coupler, which has an IEEE-488
> connection for use with Commodore PET computers.
> I am looking for:
> - Information on the power supply - I did not get a power supply
> with the modem - it has a 5-pin DIN type connector. Can anyone
> give me the pinout and power requirements?

Can't help there, but worst case, it shouldn't be difficult to
reverse-engineer the power supply... if there is some kind of
regulator, it might take a wide range of voltages. If not, then
one of the pins is probably +5V. It's old enough that I wouldn't
assume it uses a C-64 supply or even the voltages for the C-64
(+5VDC, 9VAC), but it's worth looking at.
> - Documentation? Anyone have a scan of the manual?

Not me; sorry. Perhaps on funet?
> - Information on how it is used ... What sort of IEEE device does it
> show up as? Is there "special software" that is used with it? etc.?

Worst case, you could write a quick BASIC program to try OPENing all the
devices from 4 to 31 and see where it responds (once you get the power
issue resolved). Without docs, it'll be hard to tell if there are any
significant secondary addresses, though.

As for special software, there should be at least a simple term program
for it. It's possible to write one in BASIC - I did for the C-64 (with
a VIC-MODEM). You'll have to do ASCII<->PETSCII conversion if you want
to talk to a host expecting a VT100 or something similar. I used to
use my simple term prog to talk to BBSes and CompuServe, c. 1982. It
did everything I needed except download files (which wasn't how I was
using the modem back in those days - I did mail, chat, online games,

Again, check funet for anything related to the 8010.

Nice find. I've never seen one. Good luck on the hunt for docs.


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