Appearance on G4TechTV's The Screen Savers

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Date: Wed Oct 20 18:00:40 2004

does anyone happen to have a copy of it in avi or whatever, for us poor sods
over here that dont get the channel (I cant even get channel 5 here - or
satellite for that matter, unless I pay for a bloke to come out and put a
sky dish on a stupid pole on the other side of sum1 elses house).


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>I watched as well, and saw the lights blinking away. The screensavers set
>lighting seems to be much "hotter" since they moved to LA and it really
>washes out most "white" things (such as the front panel lamps...) I messed
>with my projector's brightness and contrast a bit and it was MUCH clearer.
> Beautiful panel work, by the way...
> -Gary
> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>>Thanks! I just wish the stage lights didn't wash out the activity on the
>>front panel (it really was blinking away...I swear it!)

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