Sell's your 8's on Ebay

From: Bert Thomas <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 04:21:11 2004

Tony Duell wrote:
> I totally diaagree with that comment. My interest in computers is
> hardware related (I follow Steve Ciarcia in that 'my favourite language
> is solder' :-)). And to me, therefore, a bit-serial processor made from
> either simple integrated circuits or discrete transistors (I forget which
> the 8/S is) is a lot more interesting than a machine built round a
> microprocessor and, even worse, semi-custom video and sound ICs.

I totally aggree with you.

> Different people have different interests, sure, and I am not saying that
> those who like the VIC20 (and similar machines) are in any way 'wrong'.
> It's just not my main interest.

Same here.

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