access to BIOS of DECpc

From: Devon <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 09:10:28 2004

I've used a copy of Ontrack Disk Manager (~version 4?) from Seagate and it
works with any brand drive. If you still need it, I can dig it out when
I'm home in a couple of weeks and image it. I believe it will work with
any settings in the BIOS, although it does recommend certain ones.


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Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 09:52:29 +0200
From: Gooijen H <>
Subject: RE: access to BIOS of DECpc

I found the SET320P.EXE program on the COMPAQ site, and it allows
several items 'normally' found in a BIOS to be manipulated. Alas,
there is no field to change the hard drive parameters nor the type!

The disk manager was a good idea, I have one old 486 PC with a big
Western Digital drive, too big to be supported by the BIOS, and the
EZ-DRIVE disk manager works perfectly here.
However, EZ-DRIVE only accepts to work with Western Digital drives,
and the 2.5" hard disk that I have is from HP. The disk manager
also wants certain settings for the hard disk in the BIOS ...

Still not giving up / one more try: could somebody point me to a
site that has a non-commercial disk manager (for HP or not restricted
to specific HDDs) or even better e-mail a ZIP with such disk manager?

- Henk, PA8PDP.
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