Silica gel was Re: Excercising vintage items

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 13:58:33 2004

> >This reminds me. Anyone in the States know a source for those silica gel
> >desiccators? Those might be a little insurance and they seem inexpensive,
> >but I need a source in bulk.
> ULine sells them. Although I seem to recall when I looked into them they
> weren't super cheap. But that might have been because they make you buy
> them by the case (per packet cost is probably dirt cheap, they just make
> you buy 2000 packets at a time or something like that). Its been a while
> since I looked at them.

Is that what you mean?

The 2.75"x3" ones seem kind of large, but may do well one to a box for boxed
home computers and the like. You get 600 for $83, which seems a pretty good
unit price (that's like 13 cents each), or the classic 0.875"x1.5" comes
5000 for $127 which is around 2 and a half cents each. Unless someone has a
better deal, I might go with them.

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