Semi-OT: Virtual PC 7 on Mac OS X

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 14:22:58 2004

>I believe you have to have the VPC extensions for the OS, and that MS-DOS
>isn't a supported OS under VPC7. I bypass this by having a virtual D: Drive
>for DOS and Win98, and booting the Win98 system when I need to copy files
>from the Mac to DOS. I could do it under WinXP, but that would interrupt
>what I have running there, and it takes a lot longer for XP to boot (or

Yes, I do believe VPC came with drivers to do it under DOS.

Gee, and Connectix swore that MS was not going to bastardize VPC. The
first official MS release and suddenly they don't support old MS
operating systems. What else do they conviently not support?

I am curious if the old VPC drivers would work with the new version.
Maybe all they did was stop releasing the driver set. Do you have an
older version of VPC? I have the 2.0 CD here and it comes with a VPC
drive file that contains DOS drivers for folder sharing, CD access, and
S3 video drivers for Win3.1. Alas, the file is 20 MB so a little big to
email to you (I could stick it on an FTP site if you want). I have NO
idea if these drivers would work with VPC 7 or not.

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