Semi-OT: Virtual PC 7 on Mac OS X

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 15:42:09 2004

> I'm not sure about VPC7, but M$VPC 2004 (Winders) supports:
> Win95/98/ME/
> NT workstation / 2K / XP
> OS/2
> NT Server / 2K Server / 2K3 Server
> ... and the ubiquitous ...
> "Other"

By supports, are these what it specifically *claims* to support? I'm pretty
sure VPC7 doesn't actually claim to support all of these, I think there are
about 5 supported OS's. Usually I go with "Other" :^)

> Which I've used to run both RedHat 9 and LinuxFromScratch, and I can tell
> you that despite Linux not being "supported" it runs better than Win98
> under it!

Win98 was a B**** to install, but once I got the install to work (blew up
the first try), it seems OK, and is definitely faster than XP Pro SP2. The
frightening thing is I have one Windows app that runs faster on VPC7 under
XP than a native version does on Mac OS X (but that's a seriously extreme

> Oh Shit! Now I'm gonna get flamed to holy Hades because this is offtopic!!!
> Ahhhhhh!!!

But the thread is technically on-topic because I'm trying to run "classic"
OS's. OK, I just called a MS OS, "Classic", excuse me while I go wash my
mouth out with soap, and find someone to use a horse whip on me!

Personally I think VPC is a great tool for the the Classic Computer
hobbyist. It lets me run a lot of old OS's on the same box. Some of the
software I've fired up the last couple days, I've not run in 10+ years.

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