HP 25 and HP55

From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Thu Oct 21 16:07:03 2004

I just got some HP calculators!

Now I have some questions :^)

--Anyone have a spare manual for either?

--Have pointers on replacing the battery pack on the 55?
(it seems to be 3 AAA nicads)

--Anyone have any pointers on cleaning up leaked nicad crystals?
what is that stuff anyway?

I do have cases and power suplies.

-- I took apart the 25's battery pack and replaced the nicads with
    nickel metal hydride cells (the same ones I use in my camera)

-- Is is ok to run the 55 on wall power supply without a battery
    pack installed?

Will trade the 55+case+powersupply+leakybatteries(in a ziplock bag)
for complete set of docs for the 25 + 1 good application book,
preferably games :^)
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