Semi-OT: Virtual PC 7 on Mac OS X

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 18:07:57 2004

> After reading these posts I feel I have to point out windows has to
> be the easiest way to have vms and cp/m running on the same desktop
> (no flames). cp/m-86 runs great under vpc on windows. Also the most
> important thing I can play leisure suit larry and both police and
> space quest as well which I could barely do under 98.. I assume these
> would still work using a mac.

I think it's also a question of how, and how much you use the OS. I just
want to occasionally run some ancient PC software (the newest of which dates
back to I think Windows 95), and to run a couple modern apps that don't have
decent versions (or in one case isn't available) for the Mac. For that VPC
is great! As it's one computer, keyboard and mouse.

For the PDP-11, more and more I go with emulation. Though I finally have my
PDP-11/73 setup in such a manner that it will hopefully remain usable, and
not get buried :^) One scarry thing is I plan to try E11 under VPC :^)

For some OS's such as TOPS-10 or TOPS-20, emulation is the only practical

However, for other OS's, such as OpenVMS in my case, emulation just isn't
practical. My OpenVMS system runs 24x7, unlike my Mac, and provides may

I'm guessing that any DOS games that work on the PC version of Virtual PC
will work on the Mac version, which is another of the reasons I'm interested
in VPC :^)

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