SGI monitors/kb/mice etc - anybody need 'em?

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 01:03:03 2004

Hello everybody,

as ISTR from some discussions, SGI human interface devices are not easily
replaceable by anything else and are in some demand because it is not
unusual for a machine to arrive sans keyboard, mouse and/or monitor.

University is decommissioning its SGI gear, so I have a chance to grab the
Keyboard SGI No. 062-0002-001 Type RT6856T (2x)
Mouse SGI No. 063-0009-001 (2x)
Monitor (Type designation not available) (2x)
Camera SGI No. 013-1577-001 (2x)
Makes two complete installations minus the computers. These are long gone,
so this is headed for the dumpster unless I call in.

I'm not into SGI stuff yet, so it doesn't make much sense to keep it myself
(unless somebody throws in a CPU for me :-) ), but I thought I'd offer it
here. Don't know how much demand there'll be, so I see what comes in and
then decide where it goes.

This is basically give-away + s&h (I just wanna save it from the scrapper),
but counter-gifts will not be rejected. Shipping is an issue (the monitors
are big and quite heavy!), so local pickup is preferred.

Er, yes, local to Erlangen University, Northern Bavaria, Germany, Europe.

Yours sincerely

Arno Kletzander
Stud. Hilfskraft Informatik Sammlung Erlangen
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