PDP customer on Cleveland, OH needs urgent help

From: Unibus <unibus_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Oct 22 05:18:37 2004

> From: Jay West <jwest_at_huey.classiccmp.org>
> Just got a call from a PDP-11/05 customer in Cleveland OH. They are in a
> crisis situation due to a dead 11/05. They suspect memory problems but
> there may be power supply issues as well.
> If there is anyone local to them with 11/05 parts and or expertise, can
> you please call me right away?
> Best number to reach me right now is 314-494-7338
> This company is willing to pay for help as the 11/05 being down takes
> their milling machine down.

Probably too far away, but some thoughts.
Be careful what cards you pull out as the power supply has a crowbar
arrangement that trips if you have too light a load (DC supply line voltage
rises above trip point). Case of refer to the manual and check the supply
voltages. Relatively easy on the 11/05 if you have the maintenance manual.

The processor & power supply can be checked by storing and executing
instructions from the general registers. If you can't store/read from front
panel you probably have a power supply problem or problems with that logic.
If the problem is down to the processor boards you really need a hex width
extension card and the maintenance cards to single step the processor.

Core memory can be tested and then track down problems with a CRO if you
can't board swap your way out of trouble. If caught with dead
core and you have the 10-1/2" high processor unit can install later generation
MUD then install a MOS memory board. Just have to move the power
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