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From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Fri Oct 22 06:38:04 2004

>>> >
>>> >1) I know many hardware hackers who don't know a compiler from a
>>> >debugger [Thinking of some of my Ham buddies]....
>>> Debugger? Isn't that what printf("at step
>>> 2\r\n"); and while(!kbhit()); are for?

Not at all! <groan> Regardless of what type of system you are working on a
real debugger is just as necessary as a 'scope for working on hardware.
MINIMAL functionallity should include: breakpoints and the ability at
monitor/alter memory while the program is executing (albiet typically

For embedded systems I prefer an ICE, altought I do work with many systems
where I use a "monitor" approach. For desktop appliction level programs, I
usually use a commercial debugger. For OS or driver (Ring-0) code, I have
debug versions of the kernal for most of my development environments.

>>> >2) I tend to hit finger with hammer and from nail.
>>> You type good, must not be using hammer much, eh?

Re-read the above (it was supposed to read "and drop nail"!)...I was not
typing so good. Seriously I learned to type on a Royal manual typewriter at
a fairly young age. I did not have the strength to "touch type" the outter
keys [QAZP], so I sort of adapted. Then I worked on ASR-33's which did not
lend themselves to touch typing either. These days I type a nearly the rate
of a "typist" but with a distinctly unique style of using <grin>
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