Vector Graphic MZ 2.1 ROM needed

From: Gord Tulloch <>
Date: Sun Oct 17 10:01:43 2004

Hi there:

I have a Vector Graphic MZ machine in nice condition except that the
Flashwriter II board seems to be broken, so using the Mindless Terminal
is out of the question. I understand that the version of the Monitor ROM
I have (either 3.1 or 4.0) does not support serial terminals so I'm dead
in the water unless I can dig up a 2.1 ROM or write my own (with two
young kids pretty doubtful I'll get to it real soon). Using a serial
terminal is fine with me until I can get a new FWII or fix the one I have.

So, I'm hoping someone out there has a Vector machine kicking around
with a 2.1 ROM - I'd love to simply drop a new ROM into the machine and
go, but a binary file will do or even a listing, I don't care. I'm happy
to reimburse you for your trouble and materials, of course.

Please reply or send me a note at gtulloch (at) if you can help
me track this animal down, I'd love to get this MZ back in action. Thanks!

Received on Sun Oct 17 2004 - 10:01:43 BST

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