Stephen Dorsey and Micom

From: Geoff Hamilton <>
Date: Thu Oct 21 13:58:36 2004

Hi Lawrence,

I was just perusing the ClassicCMP archives and noticed a post you
made on Fri Nov 15 20:18:14 2002 about the Micom - a computer that was
very much ahead of its time - and wondering if its founder Stephen
Dorsey was still alive. He is very much alive and kicking: he's in
Montreal and now the president of BabyTEL, a major Voice-over-IP
company in Canada and subsidary of Voice & Data Systems. I met him
through a business connection - truly a fascinating man, and still
working in fields that are ahead of their time (he's been working at
VoIP since the early 90s!). Let's hope he get rich this time.

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