Classic OS's

From: Chris Muller <>
Date: Fri Oct 22 11:57:59 2004

I loved both RT-11 and TSX+. The DEC guys kept saying we needed large VAX's
to do what wer were already doing every day on an 11/23. :-)

Eventually, because PC "C" compilers/debuggers were better and cheaper, we
ported our code to PC--else we might still be running on our good old

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>Other than software for the PDP-8 was there any low cost time sharing
>that you can still find software for? Note no replies about multi-tasking
>basics please.

A time sharing extension of RT11 on PDP11's.
Super product, very efficient.
We did a lot of PDP11 multi terminal medical billing systems with it.
S and H is till around I believe.

Ed K.
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