HP Apollo 400t machines & software

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sat Oct 23 13:59:36 2004

Any Apollo users out there?

A chap dropped off a couple of Apollo 400t machines at the museum today
(circa 1990 vintage) with numerous manuals. First time I've seen one in
years - I remember a room full of them at uni behind a glass partition
wall, not usable by us mere mortals, and always wanted to get hold of
one since then.

Initial questions from the 5 minutes I had free today to actually *look*
at the things (damnit!):

Anyone (hopefully in the UK!) got a spare Domain keyboard? Both machines
work, but only came with the one keyboard :-( I have a feeling the
chances of finding one are something like zero...

Anyone got install media preserved anywhere? (We've got a backup CD,
plus I'll image the hard disks - but a copy of proper install media
would be nice)

How's the Apollo token ring network physically configured? Presumably
something somewhere needs to bias the line at the very least? (We got a
cable with each machine that brings the card connector out to a pair of
BNC plugs)

Any idea what tape drive the systems used (I've seen reference to
optional tape drive in the manuals) and if it was just a SCSI device on
the bus, or whether it used a custom controller?

Any other UK people got any more Apollo stuff they no longer want? ;-)


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