Need URL for Download O fTV Show

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Sat Oct 23 15:42:03 2004

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> By mistake I deleted the message that had the URL for downloading the
> G4TechTV's The Screen Savers TV show with Sellam, does anyone remember what
> it was? I have downloaded the BitTorrent client to view it with. Thanks

Here be torrents!

G4TechTV: The Screen Savers: 2004/10/19

Sellam's slot starts about 35 minutes in. It's an M$ Windows Media Player
file, though (spit). Had it been an MPEG, I'd have extracted Sellam's slot
and stuck it on an FTP somewhere - natch.
I do agree with the general consensus of the classiccmp'ers (or at least the
vocal ones), though - if this is the best G4TechTV can do, I'm not
interested. Heck, even [.tv] (BskyB's "answer" to TechTV) managed to get a
few presenters who at least seemed to be knowledgeable... The TSS presenters
just seem to be pretending to be knowlegeable an ending up looking like

Someone really needs to buy an old warehouse, get a few optical-fibre
Internet lines fitted, then set up an online "what TechTV should have been"
sort of thing. MPEG streaming, of course, so everyone with an MPEG-capable
machine can watch <G>.
If I had a few thousand pounds, I'd be tempted to do it myself. The problem
being cost-balancing and getting the revenue flowing...

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