access to BIOS of DECpc

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Sat Oct 23 18:13:09 2004

As promised, the update.
The last version I received from Pete is indeed the OnTrack 7.09 version
that works with all disks. GREAT STUFF!!
It recognized immediately my HP C2965A.
On that drive it says: 988 cyl 16 hds 52 sect 420.8 Mb
OnTrack maps that differently, but what the heck: it works perfectly.
A bit strange though is that I have a C: (boot)partition of 420 Mb *and*
a D: partition of some 418 Mb. The drive clearly says 420.8 Mb, but
OnTrack says 818 Mb ....? Perhaps word -> byte? just guessing.
Anyway, the DECpc 320P is on its way to run E11 and SIMH!
At least, the PDP-11 simulation runs on a PC .... but it's a *DECpc* :-)

  thanks for all replies!

- Henk, PA8PDP.

PS. Dave, if you find a newer version I would be glad to receive a copy
to store it for later requests. Think of your version being backed up at
an other continent :-)
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