TA Alphatronic PC = Matmos PC

From: Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk_at_yahoo.co.uk>
Date: Sun Oct 24 10:19:35 2004

Probably a well-known fact for anyone with a TA Alphatronic PC, but I
didn't know this...

Seems that a company called Matmos bought up a large number of machines
from a 'major European office equipment manufacturer', rebadged them,
and sold them on (no idea of date unfortunately).

The machine in the picture on the flyer I have is definitely a TA
Alphatronic PC though. The 'nice' thing is that all the systems were
shipped expanded with CP/M and twin 5.25" inch drives.

Just passing this info on because as I recall most Alphatronic PCs
shipped by TA were without the drives and necessary expansion unit (I've
got three of the darn things used as dumb terminals), so if anyone wants
to make a slightly more useful system, keep an eye out for a Matmos
PC :-)


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