software via radio

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Sun Oct 24 14:55:41 2004


> I think A good write up of this needs to exist.
> if someone would care to write it up and provide some graphics and pictures
> and advertisements please sent to and I will find a place
> for it on the web site... it is indeed unique...

Well, Kees immediately slapped me in the face while saying "bad info" :)

(hey, I was a bit too young at the time, gimme a break ;-)

Anyway. It was in the Dutch "tech" programme "Hobbyscoop" that the
first trials were sent out. Later, things were changed, the general
BASIC-level interoperability was added, and it became BASICode.

There's an (English) web page on the subject at:

Theres some historical info about the project on Hobbyscoop's site
as well:

So there! :)

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