Sun 3/180 help requested

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Mon Oct 25 11:55:11 2004

(I sent this first to the rescue at sunhelp list, but figure people here
 might be of more help with older machines.)

So, I've tried booting my Sun 3/180, and can't get it to work. With the
switch set to "diag" on the back, I get the following output:

Boot PROM Selftest

PROM Checksum Test
DVMA Reg Test
Context Reg Test
Segment Map Wr/Rd Test
Segment Map Address Test
Page Map Test
Memory Path Data Test
NXM Bus Error Test
Interrupt Test
TOD Clock Interrupt Test
MMU Access Bit Test
MMU Access/Modify Bit Test
MMU Invalid Page Test
MMU Protected Page Test
Parity Test
 Err 9: Bad parity should cause nmi

So, it suggests there's a problem with the CPU board. Does anyone have
a spare 3/180 or 3/280+memory laying around? Alternatively, I could
probably try to replace the "broken chip", assuming I can find a
replacement, and a decent enough documentation to see what's wrong.

And, yes I've already tried pulling out the other memory board in the
system, all the RAM that's left is (soldered) on the CPU board. I have
a feeling it's not the memory, however, which is the problem.

So, if anyone has something I could use - either documentation or
hardware - that would be much appreciated. : )

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