HP 1000 M-series on gov liquidation

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Mon Oct 25 20:27:00 2004

There was some talk about the various lots of HP 1000 M series boxes on gov.
liquidation. I just wanted to let folks on the list know that I was going
for the lot with three cpu's in it. That leaves another lot with 6 cpus, and
a third lot with 8 cpus, in case anyone wants some for themselves. I was
going to get one of the larger lots, but it turns out the lot of 3 will
probably be the best one for me at this time and I'll probably keep all 3

Soooo if anyone is going for some of those M series, the 6 or 8 count lots
look better. Yeah, that's the ticket. *GRIN*

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