Silica gel was Re: Excercising vintage items

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 10:02:55 2004

At 11:56 AM 10/21/04 -0400, you wrote:
>>>>>> "Cameron" == Cameron Kaiser <> writes:
> >> Moisture has a habit of getting into funny places and going
> >> unnoticed.
> Cameron> This reminds me. Anyone in the States know a source for
> Cameron> those silica gel desiccators? Those might be a little
> Cameron> insurance and they seem inexpensive, but I need a source in
> Cameron> bulk.
>You mean a large quantity of little silicagel packages, or a large
>quantity in one bulk package?
>Try Google... I found one company I recognize: Cole-Parmer, 5 kg
>silicagel, $109.

   Ouch! Expensive. Try Damp-rid or a similar product from your local
grocery store. It's made to be used in closets to remove the dampness to
prevent mold and mildew on clothing. I believe that it's mainly Calcium
Cloride which is very hydroscopic.

   I've found lots of silica gel around militry surplus places. The
military loves the stuff. They pack it in just about everything to keep it
dry and prevent mold, mildew and corrision. If you can only find used stuff
it may still be usefull. Some types of these drying agents can be baked to
remove the absorbed moisture and then be reused.

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