Silica gel was Re: Excercising vintage items

From: John Foust <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 12:55:29 2004

At 12:12 PM 10/26/2004, Paul Koning wrote:
>If it's calcium chloride you want, try snow melting "salt" -- that's
>often CaCl.
>Right. Silicagel is one of those. I don't think calcium chloride is,
>though -- but I'm not positive.

Yes, but a mixture of NaCl and CaCl will happily suck up water
from the air until turns into a rich, gooey, metal-eating mess.

A silicate solution would be less reactive, I think, and if
it dried, it's almost a protectant. "Water glass" was once a
common way to extend the shelf life of eggs, as it prevented
evaporation through the shell.

- John
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