Sun Tops Flashtalk Cards/Adapters

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 14:27:01 2004

I've got a box full of (4 or 5) mixed sets of TOPS

At least one of each of the following:

Tops FlashTalk Card for the PC
Tops FlashTalk Adapter for the Mac
TOPS Software

Probably more than a couple of each.

If anyone is interested (looking for a few $$ not
much, plus S/H.. Or a trade for something cool...),
e-mail me off line.

I also have at least one License to a Version 4 of
Lantastic (and I can throw in an old ISA NE2000 Card
compatible with it) in the box. Never used.

Also for a small consideration (or something cool) and
the shipping.

Just looking to clear out the closet and get a couple
of bucks towards upgrading my Mac G4 Tower to a faster

Al Hartman

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