Fibre Channel?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Tue Oct 26 16:37:13 2004

On Oct 26 2004, 21:48, Antonio Carlini wrote:

> > What I REALLY want to know is how many SCSI drives are in the drive
> > enclosures, how many drives total you have, and what the
> > capacity of the
> > individual drives are. If they are 18gb or 36gb or larger, and SCA
> > connector (single mini-D connector on the drive itself within
> > the carrier
> > that slides into the drive enclosure) I'd be potentially
> No idea about the Compaq stuff, but I picked up a FC disk the other
> day that was being discarded. I'd been told that "there's no such
> as a FC disk - they're all SCSI really". Well this one is a Seagate
> ST31820FC and has a 40-way (not 80-way) SCA connector on the back.
> Any chance that this is SCSI in disguise :-) If so I'll go nab
> a few of the 32GB ones for my VAXen, otherwise I get to try
> the 9GB SCSI LVD ones instead!

No, it's Fibre Channel. All my FC disks are like that, too, as the
ones at work (almost all our main file storage is FC): 40-pin connector
like a truncated SC. FC is like serial SCSI.

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