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Date: Sun Oct 24 20:11:02 2004



   I came across an old post of your on cctalk concerning the ORION Unilab
II - I picked one of these up today at a swap meet for $1, it has the
8088/8086 POD, what I believe is a Z80 POD and several cables with pin
connectors on the ends. I'm looking for doc's and software for the unit and
was hoping one of you could help.





JD Gouws cctech_at_classiccmp.org <mailto:cctech%40classiccmp.org>
Sun Oct 13 19:09:25 2002

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FYI: I have a lot of docs on Z-80 and some of the related hardware like the
real-time-clock-thingy. I haven't searched the net to see if these are
already readily availible or not. If they aren't availible on the 'net or
incomplete I will gladly scan mine in if someone is interested.
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Subject: Software for Orion Unilab II??
Hello all,
As part of a recent eBay win, I acquired an Orion Instruments Unilab II. I
have cables/software for the Rockwell 65/11EAB, and am looking for
cables/software for any other processor, especially the 1802, Z-80, 8080,
8088. If anyone has software available, and cabling diagrams, please let me

know! I have complete docs available, as well as the software for the
65/11EAB... I'd also be willing to write out a cable diagram for the
Rich B.

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