YAAYD (Yet another "Ten (0A) year" discussion) (was: GOPHER

From: David V. Corbin <dvcorbin_at_optonline.net>
Date: Tue Oct 26 19:05:55 2004

>>> Maybe it should be based of if a person in their right
>>> mind might actually use that machine for day to day
>>> business, it should be excluded. Of course this might very
>>> from person to person. Anyone silly enough to use an old
>>> Altair for day to day work shouldn't post questions to the list.
>>> Simple.

Then if the inverse would also be true. If a person does NOT consider a
Machine to be suitable for day-to-day work, it WOULD be eligible. Many on
this list [but not me] consider current WinTel machines to suitable for
anything. This would then make that machine valid for posting questions on
the list. Not likely to happen since the person whould be be "authorized" to
post on said machine is unlikely to even own one.
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