rack-mount Norsk Data ND100 available

From: Tore S Bekkedal <toresbe_at_ifi.uio.no>
Date: Tue Oct 26 21:16:08 2004

Don't throw it away! :)

Don't let that thing hit the dumpster! :)

The ND-100 was a brilliant machine, and had an OS far from its time.

I'm actually going to see one *today* and I'll get to bring some docs
home, and I'll probably get a site up that will fix the scarcity of info
on this machine.

It has coolness, blinkenlights, and all the bells and whistles. Please,
don't let that thing die! :\

Someone pick it up, I'll probably bring software to the table soon.

Tore S Bekkedal <toresbe_at_ifi.uio.no>
Received on Tue Oct 26 2004 - 21:16:08 BST

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