possible rescue

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Wed Oct 27 21:29:54 2004

Here's what he has....
In general , the complete 11/05 with core and ba11k box, 11/34 cpus and
co processors, ?rl01/02 controller?., rk11 controller and spare boards,
dl11ws, rk05 heads and some spare parts, plessey tc130 or 131 or both
tape controllers , 37 1/2 ips cipher and digi data 9 track tape drives,
45 or 75 ips cipher full size 9 track tape drives, 9 track read after
write tape heads for same, tapes, home made tape exersizer, 11/05 spare
cpus, some 4 slot unibus backplane, unibus style connectors in case one
breaks in a backplane, an rko5 diagnostic test kit, !!!!! a hex unibus
extender card!!!!!, a quad unibus prototype pcb, some quad boot cards
with eprom/rom with boot loader for several common devices, ? a diode
boot card? , vt 52 compatable terminals , several vt 100s, ....welll
....thats all for now.

Muahahahahahaaaaaaa Now THIS stuff I will do a road trip for :)

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