Cromemco Rescue

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Wed Oct 27 23:10:38 2004

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone moving and needing to
get rid of their old computers; one of them was a Cromemco Series 3 with
two 8" floppies and some misc. discs. Besides the System 3, it also
included the computer desk that came with the unit! We finally managed
to make contact this past weekend, and it is one neat system! I have the
System 3 with a HD, but the floppies only and the desk are *neat*
additions to the collection!!!

Also, does anyone know if the Cromemco will read the Polymorphic 8"
disks? It will probably be after VCF that I will have a chance to play
with it and find out, but I am really curious.
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