West meets East

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Date: Thu Oct 28 12:11:08 2004

> Rumor has it that Doc Shipley may have mentioned these words:
>>Fred Cisin wrote:
>>>>Who would you rather have as President?
>>>>a) Michael Sokolov
>>>>b) Michael Moore
>>>>c) Britney Spears
>>>>d) the current jackass
>>>Without question, a) Michael Sokolov.
>> Dammit Fred, if you hadn't answered I'd have ignored that. If
>> this is
>> the choices, I'm gonna write-in for J-Lo.
> Yer jokin', right? Her sister Linda is 2x prettier and quite probably
> 2x
> smarter, but if _I_ had a write-in, it'd be Vincent D'Nofrio
> (especially if
> he retains his "characteristics" of his role on Law & Order... hehehe)

  Yeah, I'm jokin'. Although even J-Lo is a better pick than the
current jackass....

>>>Does anybody here know Bill Gates' political views?
>> Mo' Money.
> Hmmm... Richest man in the world, dropped out of Hahvahd, Mummie &
> Daddie
> had to bail him out of bankruptcy once... Yea, no question; he's most
> definitely a Democrat.

  Gotta be. A Republican would never have learned from those mistakes.


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