Big Iron available - Data General Eclipse - plus lots more smaller stuff

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Date: Thu Oct 28 14:36:11 2004

I went by my local recycler yesterday on the hunt for some items and came
away with a list of stuff that might interest folks here.

The main item was a DG Eclipse system in two racks with tape drives and
more. I didn't spend much time looking at it but can probably get more
information if anyone wants it. I also have no idea what the price would
be but I can guess that shipping would be the big consideration anyway.

The same place had a bunch of smaller items as well including a very clean
TRS-80 Mod 3 with a RS dustcover, a Kaypro II, a Franklin Ace 1000, a CoCo
that looked like it had seen better days, what looked like an IBM PC
Portable in its canvas bag, and a Compupro system with the main chassis
and a dual 8" chassis as well (this was wrapped in a pallet and those were
the items I could recognize. There's a few cubic yards of other stuff
mixed in that may or may not be related.)

There were also a good number of vintage terminals stacked about. Several
ADM3as in both blue and beige in various states of decay. Most looked
serviceable with a couple having a bit of screen rot. The couple I turned
on worked. None had the switch covers. There was also a Hazeltine 1500
in nice shape except for the fact that the video was bad and some
TeleVideo 925s and 950s that worked but needed TLC. Newer terminals (DEC
and Wyse, mostly) were all over the place. There was at least one VT100
that was marked as dead but that looked like it had all of the (yellow)

If anyone wants more info on any of this I'll be happy to get what I can
or to put you in touch with the shop.

    Erik Klein
    The Vintage Computer Forum
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