West meets East (enough already)

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Date: Thu Oct 28 14:34:12 2004

I'm not getting involved in this political discussion... as many of you know
I'm a (gasp) member of the media, and not just for old computers.

Few people are stronger advocates of free speech than I. Having said that, I
do feel that "off-topic" on this list ought to mean things that are other
TECHNOLOGY topics, such as the WWW discussion from earlier this week. Yes, I
once posted a last-minute message asking if anyone wanted to buy some concert
tickets. However it's common sense, I think, that topics like politics (and
religion, sex, etc.) on this list do nothing but scare away would-be collectors
(and existing collectors who don't have my tolerance for this stuff).

Now, if there were an (intelligent, not cliched!) debate about which candidate
would better serve America's technology platform, that would be different. In
fact I encourage that debate. But this current thread, and future ones like
it, should stop.

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