Liquidation sale: recent stuff

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Thu Oct 28 20:46:24 2004

Someone I know online is part of something that's going out of
business, or something similar, and is liquidating a bunch of stuff.
Most of the computer stuff is more recent than our cutoff (much less
any of the recently-proposed alternative cutoffs :), but some may be
old enough, it includes a bunch of non-computer office stuff, and at
liquidation prices some of you may want something more recent -
heretical though it may seem to some of you, I'm sure some (others) of
you, like me, don't confine your computer activities to
strictly-on-topic machines. My friend says "...get the word out.
Otherwise, this stuff is just gonna go to a liquidator or something.
We [...] would rather see it go to someone who'll use it than to a
company that'll just sell it off.".

It's all pickup-only stuff in California (Chatsworth, 91311). is a what-they-have webpage.

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