VCF stuff for sale

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Thu Oct 28 22:00:52 2004

With VCF comming up in about 8 days, I am planning on bringing a bunch
of stuff up there to get rid, er, sell :). In that vein, is there
anything special those of you who will be attending are looking for? My
plan is to reduce my collection to things that are primarily in the 70's
to very early 80's, and I will mostly concentrate on CP/M and S-100

Things I have that are not in my area of interest or expertise include:

SparcStatation2 w/ external CD-ROM, Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,
Wang computer (don't remember model), about 10"w x 24"h x 30"d.,
Xerox computer, Model 8???, w/ monitor/keyboard. About the same size as
the Wang, untested
Phillips computer, about 24"w x 24"h x 30"d w/ 8" drive(s), untested

Make a reasonable offer, but I won't be bringing the above stuff unless
someone wants it!

As usual, I'll post a link to the list of stuff that I'll be bringing
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