Subject: Big Iron available - Data General Eclipse - plus lots more

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Fri Oct 29 00:41:19 2004

Erik Klein wrote:

>There were also a good number of vintage terminals
>stacked about.
>ADM3as in both blue and beige in various states of
>decay. Most looked
>serviceable with a couple having a bit of screen
>rot. The couple I
>on worked. None had the switch covers.

These are very easy to restore and not expensive
either. The circuitry is all TTL (but there's a lot of
it!); the manuals for operation and service are on the
Internet; I restored two and got new CRT's for them
(around $40 each shipped, as I recall, in black and
white, natch). I really hate fooling around with CRTs
but it was fairly easy. They are also very small,
considering when they were built. One of mine didn't
have the lower case option and I made one out of a
2716 and a little adapter board. It is possible to put
in a metal plate or recreate the LSI logo on the
switch cover (I did both). If I had room, I'd get a
few more; it would be a shame to see these get
crushed. They are the quintessential 70's generic
terminal, are a perfect match to 70's pioneering home
computers, and they have a certain Eames era look.

Did I mention that I like them?

-Steve Loboyko

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