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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Oct 29 03:01:48 2004

On Oct 28 2004, 23:46, meltie lists wrote:
> Hello again!
> Does anyone have a copy of the wirewrap diagram for a Q22/CD
> I'm looking to wrap my own backplane from an old 4-slot
> chassis I have.

QBus backplanes are normally soldered, with short pins, not wirewrap.
I don't know if that's true for H9270, though (which I assume is what
you have).

There's a diagram with the info you need for Qbus in most QBus
processor handbooks, in the chapter on the bus. The CD interconnect is
described in the chapters on backplanes in the Microcomputer Interfaces
handbook. If that won't do, most of the info is on my
diagram at .

In essence, almost all the signals on A and B are bussed all the way
down, pin for pin, except the following:

  SSPARE[1238]: AE1, AF1, AH1, BH1 are normally not bussed
  MSPARE[AB]: AK1 is connected to AL1 at each slot, but not bussed;
                ditto BK1+BL1
  SSPARE[4567]: BDAL18-21 on Q22, are bussed on Q22 backplanes
  PSPARE[12]: AU1 and BU1 need not be bussed - nothing should use
  BIAK[IO]: BIAKI (AM2) on each slot is connected only to BIAKO
                (AN2) on the slot below
  BDMG[IO]: BDMGO (AS2) on each slot is connected only to BDMGI
                (AR) on the slot below

(I'm not absolutely certain about the last, but I'm fairly sure that's

On C and D, pretty much everything on C2 and D2 of each slot is
connected to the corresponding pin on C1 and D1 of the slot below,

CA1 on each slot connects to CC1 on the next slot down
CT2 on each slot connects to DT2 on the next slot down
CA2 and DA2 are bussed to +5V
CC2, CD2, CT1, and DT1 are all ground
On the top slot only, there's a jumper between CK1 and CL1, and another
between DK1 and DL1.

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