TRS-80 Printer "Interface" Cables

From: Mike Baldwin <>
Date: Thu Oct 28 16:51:00 2004

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me the difference between the two different TRS-80 Model 1 Printer Interface Cables? These are the cables used to connect a Line Printer directly to the expansion bus on a Model 1 without using the Expansion Interface. They are ribbon cables with a "little black box" midstream containing the printer port circuitry. The 26-1411 was originally for the LP1 and the 26-1416 was for the LP2.

Now, I know that these also worked on subsequent Line Printers, and my understanding was that the 26-1411 worked on most while the 1416 only worked on a few (!)

What exactly is the difference? Does anyone know? I'm coming into possesion of a LP3, but I only have a 26-1416 cable.... I don't know if this will work (I'm very confused!)

Thanks in advance,
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