access to BIOS of DECpc

From: Megan <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 01:16:30 2004

>I feel a bit silly, but it was late last night is my excuse.
>"DECpc 320P" in Google gave a link to floppy images on a COMPAQ site.
>I will try them this evening, but it is good to know that the DECpc
>"knows" a limited number of hard disks. If I can 'upgrade' to some
>300 Mb of the 420 Mb capacity it is still better than the 40 Mb that
>I have available at this point.

Years ago, I found out what I thought to be sufficient info to
upgrade my 320P from the 40mb drive it had, to a 120mb I had
been able to obtain... apparently type 46 and type 47 in the
BIOS are user definable. And I guess I didn't have all the
info, or I touched the wrong area because I essentially 'bricked'
my 320p. It no longer boots.

If you do find out how to do it reliably, I'd be interested in
trying to fix it.

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