new find: another HP 1000!

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 11:51:23 2004

  I finally checked out the HP 1000. It seems to work. I checked and the
CPU section has a DCPC card, Memory Protect Bd, Mem Bd, four 256KW memory
cards and a 2102E Memory Controller. The IO side is full of cards. Here's
the list: I/O Buffer, I/O Buffer, 12966A BACI Bd, 13183 7970 Mag Tape 2,
13183 7970 Mag Tape 1, 26099A Line Printer, 26099A Line Printer, Bus I/O,
12966A BACI Bd, 12966A BACI Bd, 13037 Intface, 12821A Disk Intface, Time
Base Gen, FEM. It seems to be quite a nice machine.


  I went to one of my favorite scrap sources today but I was just there a
few days ago so I didn't expect to find anything. But I was wrong! I found
a NICE F series HP 1000 along with the Floating Point Unit. I haven't
looked at it closely yet but all the card slots are full and it's in very
good condition. It was mounted in a short (desk height) HP cabinet marked
"HP 1000 System" along the top. Unfortunately I had to leave the cabinet,
it was just too big and heavy fit in the vehicle that I was in. I'll go
through the computer later and give a full list of all the stuff in it.

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