[Simh] teco macros for teco=emacs?

From: Ron Hudson <ron.hudson_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Sat Oct 30 12:31:34 2004

On Oct 30, 2004, at 6:24 AM, Tim Shoppa wrote:

>> Emacs was originally a bunch of teco macros right?
> Yeah, but not for DEC PDP-11 TECO.
> The MIT PDP-10 TECO and the macros that make it EMACS are on the web at
> http://pdp-10.trailing-edge.com/mit_emacs_170_teco_1220/index.html
>> teco/em ? a bunch of teco macros that emulate some simple useful
>> subset
>> of emacs?

I looked at those, I don't know if they will survive the cut and paste
to get
them to my pdp11. Many of the characters are portrayed as the 'box'
the Mac uses to show some control codes..

Perhaps I will just have to roll my own. Teco is still greek to me so
that will
take lots of study. :^)
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