HP 25 and HP55

From: Geoffrey Thomas <geoffreythomas_at_onetel.com>
Date: Sat Oct 30 14:11:33 2004

> >>> --Have pointers on replacing the battery pack on the 55?
> >>> (it seems to be 3 AAA nicads)
> Yes. Replace the cells with other nicad cells. Forget LiIon, NiMH and
> all the other types. Buy GOOD NiCads and they'll last for many years. My
> personal preference is the >>>>>>>>>> Japanese made <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Sanyo batteries. Don't let them substitute the Mexican made Sanyos or
> Chinese made trash!!!!! Don't let them tell you that even the Japanese
> marked batteries are made in Mexico of that the Mexican made bateries are
> the same as the Japanese made ones, THEY'RE NOT! FWIW I have a set of
> Sanyos that I bought in Thailand in 1974 that are still useable.

I'd agree with that my Commodore calculator has Sanyo CADNICAS in it from
the same era - N500AAF types.
I tend to charge them outside the calculator these days though.


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