Need pinouts for MDB Systems DLV11J serial line interface

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sat Oct 30 22:31:46 2004

Vintage Computer Festival declared on Saturday 30 October 2004 07:02 pm:
> I've got a serial line interface in this LSI 11/23 system I've got
> here. It's made by MDB Systems and is model DLV11J. I've got the
> manual for the DLV11 but it gives the digram for one big 40 pin Berg
> style connector, whereas the DLV11J has 4 10-pin Berg style
> connectors.
> Does anyone have the documentation for this?

Normally, a DLV11-J also has the four 10pin connectors. The cable that
goes between them is a ribbon with a 40pin IDC at one end and 4 x 10pin
IDCs at the other, wired such that the first 10pin is on the second
connector's pins 1-10, the next on 11-20, the third on 21-30, and the
fourth on 31-40.

That should be simple enough, right? : )

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