Kaypro 10 problems (was cp/m box for software)

From: Glen Goodwin <acme_at_gbronline.com>
Date: Sun Oct 31 16:38:29 2004

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From: "Paul A. Pennington" <paulpenn_at_knology.net>

> I'd say a Kaypro. They can be had at very low cost -- or free -- and
> they come up all the time. The floppy systems are very reliable with just
> few well-known trouble points. The hard disk model, Kaypro 10, would be
> nice but it would be hard to find one working now. They were hard to keep
> working even when new.

Really? I've had one for about four years and the thing just keeps
trotting along. What spare parts should I be accumulating (if any)?

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