VCF Stuff for Sale

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Sun Oct 31 16:41:59 2004

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Marvin Johnston wrote:
> I am finally getting a list ready of stuff I'll be bringing to VCF to
> . . .
> It would be nice if others who will be selling there will also make and
> post a list of stuff being sold :).

I will NOT be selling at VCF this year. I still have a dozen
cubic yards of stuff that I should sell or give away, but I
have to teach on Saturday. And I've been too ill to deal with
packing or sorting, particularly for only one day of it. I
haven't even dug out stuff that I've promised to people.

I'll try to come there on Sunday at least to visit, though.

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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