Need pinouts for MDB Systems DLV11J serial line interface

From: Martin Bishop <>
Date: Sun Oct 31 15:34:51 2004

>> Vintage Computer Festival declared on Saturday 30 October 2004 07:02 pm:
>> > I've got a serial line interface in this LSI 11/23 system I've got
>> > here. It's made by MDB Systems and is model DLV11J. I've got the
>> > manual for the DLV11 but it gives the digram for one big 40 pin Berg
>> > style connector, whereas the DLV11J has 4 10-pin Berg style
>> > connectors.
>> >
>> > Does anyone have the documentation for this?
>> Normally, a DLV11-J also has the four 10pin connectors. The cable that

>But a plain DLV11 is a single-line interface (like a DL11) and has a
>single 40 pin Berg header. I suspect that's the pinotu Sellam has.

>I would try to find the DLV11-J manual (the DEC one), which has 4 10 pin
>Berg headers. If you can't find it, I'll see what I can do.

At the risk of being wrong, but we did a fair bit of this once upon a time.

The pin out of DEC 10p RS232 console ports were common across DRV11J, KXT11
& KXJ11 boards. The pin out of MDB JFEP-SLU RS232 ports were the same, we
used common test leads. Very probably an MDB DRV11J uses the same pin out.

The cookery for a DEC DRV11J null modem lead, taken from the 1980
Microcomputer Interfaces handbook, follows:

pin connection
1 uart clock in or out N/C
2 signal ground RS232 pin 5(D9)/7(D25)
3 Tx Data + RS232 p2
4 Tx Data - N/C
5 signal ground N/C
6 Indexing pin - no key N/C
7 Rx Data - connect to p9 (ref signal for diffl rcvr)
8 Rx Data + RS232 p3
9 signal ground connect to p7
10 +12V, with F1 installed N/C

NB link p7 to p9 and adjust 2/3 twists and connecter gender to taste.



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