cp/m box for software

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Date: Sun Oct 31 22:21:45 2004


An Amstrad PCW8256 / 8512 might be a good candidate,
if it had the Serial/Parallel interface included.
The printer that came with it was a dumb Tandy DMP-100
compatible; the printer's smarts were built onto
the CPU card. If you want to use any other
parallel printer, the interface is required.
Ditto for using a modem or other serial device.
(Plans are available for a DIY interface)

The 3" drives can be replaced by 3 1/2" or
5 1/4" drives.

They run CP/M Plus, on a 4MHz Z80A;
WordStar/DBase II run fine on it. The two
discs that shippedth it have a dedicated
Word Processor program (LocoScript), and
3 sides of CP/M stuff. A guy named Harley Ristad
created a set of CP/M discs with a bunch of
utilities and info included. He called them
his Basic Introduction To CP/M Hacking discs.

I had a lot of fun with my (3) PCWs, and learned
an enormous amount about CP/M while
tinkering with them.

If you live anywhere near Tucson, I'd be glad
to give you one. My wife wants them gone,
and I refuse to throw them away while they still work.


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Hi all,

did a little work on cp/m in the good old days, and thinking about
getting at least one machine up again. As it would be mostly for having
fun with the z80 again (or 8085, z180, z280?), I'm probably not
interested too much in having any of the collector grade machines.

So, the question is, what is the best cp/m machine for playing with the
software ?

cheers & thanks
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