VT100 under SIMH

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Wed Sep 1 12:14:22 2004

John A. Dundas III wrote:

> At 12:11 PM -0400 9/1/04, Paul Koning wrote:
>> >>>>> "John" == John A Dundas, <John> writes:
>> John> At 11:26 AM -0400 9/1/04, John Allain wrote:
>> >> What I'm looking for I think is a command shell with VT100 support
>> >> that I can run SIMH in locally. Alternately I could just connect
>> >> the actual terminal to a serial line. Anybody do this?
>> John> I have done precisely this under Mac OS X. Took a real VT100,
>> John> connected to a Keyspan USB serial adapter, modified /etc/ttys
>> John> appropriately, and there you go.
>> Considering that Mac OS X has terminal emulators that (presumably) can
>> emulate a VT100, why didn't you just use those?
> The point of my exercise was to verify that a real VT100 would perform
> hooked up to OS X through a USB serial adapter. [It worked fine.] That
> it works as expected with SIMH is merely icing and perhaps useful for
> others to know.
> The stock Terminal application in OS X does not do a complete or
> satisfactory VT100 emulation, in my book. There are indeed other
> emulators that may or may not do the desired job.

   I haven't started Terminal.app in months. It's so-so for a local
command line and abysmal for remote work with any other OS.

   The X11 code for OS X from Apple comes with a good xterm, and rxvt
builds cleanly. Both behave generally well, and both can be keymapped
to accomodate the remote OS's needs.

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