VT100 under SIMH

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Wed Sep 1 13:08:12 2004

Paul Koning wrote:

>>>>>>"John" == John Allain <allain_at_panix.com> writes:
> John> Being able to meet Bob Supnik personally at the VCFe (Thanks to
> John> Sellam), I bid any reservations against using SIMH farewell.
> John> Have had a hell of a nice time since then. Turns out my oldish
> John> PC (4.5 years) has the same speed as my best microVAX (<5Vups),
> John> as an aside.
> John> As I understand it, the way to get a decent screen up under the
> John> current SIMH arrangement is to run it networked to another
> John> machine with either X11 services or rlogin and there you can
> John> get the screen that you want.
> John> What I'm looking for I think is a command shell with VT100
> John> support that I can run SIMH in locally. Alternately I could
> John> just connect the actual terminal to a serial line. Anybody do
> John> this?
>Any reasonable xterm-like tool in the Xwindows world has VT100
The best one I have found for Linux is 'xterm -132', then control/left-mouse
and set the 'vt220 keyboard' flag. edit/edt actually is usefull in this
The gnome/kde terminal emulators are not as compatible with a real VT
as xterm is, but you still have to discover where the function keys have
been re-mapped to the PC's keyboard.

Nice thing about Linux/simh, is that you can start it up in an xterm
window, and it just works. No need to open a second window to do the
actual work in, setting up the networking, running as root, etc...

>On Windows, there's Tera Term, which works well. I had troubles
>getting it going on WinXP, but that may be pilot error.
> paul
Hyperterm (bwaaa-haaa-haaa). Worst emulation of a terminal by
any commercial company, IMHO.

Kermit-95 is one of the better terminal emulators available for Windows,
but it isn't free. It also lets you transfer file in/out of the emulators
(with appropriate kermit installed in the simulated os).

None of the terminal emulators for windows will open a window directly
on the same system (like a dos-box). You have to open a dos-box, start simh,
open the terminal emulator, and attach to a port created by simh.
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